Three reasons for an emergency plumber call out

Nobody likes to do it, but in the depths of winter, there are a few reasons why you might need to have your gas central heating or boiler looked at. But sometimes it is necessary to call out a plumber for an urgent visit. To help you spot these critical situations, we have put the following blog together, with three reasons why you should get straight on the phone to your plumber:

1. Frozen pipes

With freezing temperatures, come freezing pipes. When the water stops flowing in your home in the middle of winter, there is a good chance that you have frozen pipes. Don’t try and heat the pipes in order to get the water to flow again – this can lead to complications. The best thing you can do is call out a qualified plumber to employ tried and trusted unfreezing methods, and then ensure they are insulated to avoid similar problems.

2. Burst pipe

When a pipe bursts, you need to act fast. Depending on the location and structure of the pipe, you could be trying to deal with a property which is flooding, posing the risk of damaging your possessions. Don’t attempt to repair the problem yourself. Call out a professional plumber straight away, and they can minimise the damage, as well as finding and addressing the root of the problem.

3. Toilet overflowing

A toilet overflowing can cause a horrible mess, but while residents might think they can stop the water from coming out, they could end up making the problem worse. Is it really worth chancing your arm and trying to resolve a problem you are not qualified to deal with? Sometimes it is not just a blocked drain, but other causes which need to be addressed. So call in a professional for a full diagnosis and treatment of the issue – not only could it prevent damage to your bathroom, it could also prevent the issue from resurfacing.

So there you have it – three scenarios in which you shouldn’t delay getting on the telephone and calling out your plumber. Be it day or night, making the call could save you money and time in the long run!

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